Active Isuzu 810 at Sendai, in Japan !! It is a truck like UNIMOG, very rare vehicle !!


I went to Sendai ,Miyagi prefecture,in Japan,for active Isuzu 810 (very old track)!!


What is Isuzu 810?

 Isuzu 810 (read “Hatten”,meaning like growthing ) is a large truck manufactured by Isuzu in the 1980s. So-called cab-over type (type with engine under the driver’s seat. It is contrasted with the bonnet type. It is the second generation as isuzu car, active vehicles are considerably less.

Image search results for Isuzu 810
Searching on the internet doesn’t hit 810 new images!

 In fact, in my 20s now, I’ve only seen it running once or twice at most. It is a super valuable track that I do not see easily still even if it is from countryside.


I was in definition!

 When I went to Joge(=jogi),in Sendai,Miyagi,in Japan by car around this spring, I witnessed the active 810 parked.

“This is amazing!”

Now to definition!

Since then, I thought, “I want to see this as close as possible!”.

The other day, I had a sufficient time, so I visit .

Map from definition to destination

I didn’t remember the place well, but it should probably be the map above. For the time being, I decided to take the route bus to the definition of sendai municipal bus and get off when it gets close.


One day at 12:30 p.m., take Sendai City Bus Line 840 to Sakunami onsen.

The line is Sendai 230A1306 (Isuzu Elga LV234). I forgot to take a picture of the bus…

It is really necessary to ride to the definition, but by the way, in order to photograph the definition line up at the Kumagane Bridge on the way, I tried to ride to Kumanami Onsen in order to match the time. Both will take the same route to Kumagane Bridge, so you can change by then. (Note, but you need to wait 30 minutes for transfer)


After taking picture of bus at Kumagane Bridge as planned…

Sendai Municipal Bus Photo (Isuzu Elga LKG-LV234L3 (Sendai 230 I 1005, Sendai City Transportation Bureau, Shirasawa Branch Office))
Sendai Municipal Bus Photo (Isuzu Elga LKG-LV234L3 (Sendai 230 I 1005, Sendai City Transportation Bureau, Shirasawa Branch Office))
ISUZU ERGA LKG-LV234L3 (Sendai 230 I 1005, Shirasawa Branch, Sendai City Transportation Bureau)

Now that time has been spent, I decided to walk towards the defined mountain for a while.

Kumagane and the Scenery of Definition

The idyllic scenery spreads out.

Kumagane and the Scenery of Definition Sunflower
Kumagane, landscape of definition Blue sky

It’s a good scenery!

Even this, there is Aoba-ku, Sendai City.

There is often news like “Bear infested in Aoba-ku, Sendai City!”, but it is a story around here. (It’s not like in central Sendai city!)

According to a friend who used to live around here, he often heard that somebody shouting “The bear came out!” and then “Pan! Pan!” (shooting sound)


After walking to the “Otemon Entrance” bus stop, the definition line from Sendai Station at 13:00 arrived.

Otemon Entrance Bus Stop
Sendai City Bus To Definition Sendai 230 A 1701 (Isuzu Elga 2KG-LV290N2)
Sendai City Bus To Definition Sendai 230 A 1701 (Isuzu ERGA 2KG-LV290N2)

Unusually, there are only three passengers, including me. The en d bus stop of this line is a tourist spot famous for flied “aburaage”, and it is usually crowded with tourists, but is it the influence of COVID-19 ?

Sendai City Bus Definition Sendai 230 A 1701 (Isuzu Elga 2KG-LV290N2) bus car

The loads around there are very small !

The bus went to Okura Dam.

Sendai city bus entering Okura Dam to definition

We will go to the other side through the top of Okura Dam.

 Sendai Municipal Bus: Car window to definition
Sendai city bus entering Okura Dam to definition

This is a super narrow road where there is only one large bus width. If you match it with a passenger car, there is no choice but to back either.

Sendai municipal bus entering Okura Dam Bus to definition Sendai municipal bus to definition

On this day, a Jeep didn’t notice the bus, and came in from the other side. He had to back to the separated zone.

Rock shed is so small, too!!

Sendai Municipal Bus: Car window to definition

After this, okura ohashi bridge should pass usually, but it seems that it is closed to traffic with construction now. It has been a detour service.

Responses to the closure of Okura Ohashi Bridge

Okura Ohashi bridge is such a place ↓

This is also the width of a large bus.

Sendai municipal bus vehicles are basically not equipped with a back camera, but the vehicle of the Shirasawa sales office in charge of the definition line is properly equipped. It seems to be prepared when the back is needed by any emergency, in Joge line. It is said that it used to operate with two people with monitoring personnel, but this narrow degree is convincing.

Sendai 230 A 563 Mitsubishi Fuso Aerostar Back
Sendai 230 A 563 Mitsubishi Fuso Aerostar Back Camera Pictures
You can see that it is equipped with a back camera.

In addition, in winter, you can enter the car wash machine with the customer on, there is a driver change on the way, and there are many exciting points, but this time it is not an introduction of the definition line, so let’s do this.


At 14:20, I arrived at Joge bus stop.

Definition bus stop

At this time, I did not notice it because I had not confirmed the satellite photo yet, but there was a considerable distance from the definition to the destination. I really wish I had got off earlier, but somehow I came to the end point …

Map from definition to destination

I can’t help it, so I’ll walk down from here.

Defining landscapes

However, it seems that this was a failure after all.


Rain that began to fall.

If you look around, there are a lot of hornet carcasses (;,∀?)

If you think about it, I can hear it a while ago ~ (-_-;)


 Recently, anaphylaxis shock has become a hot topic in COVID-19 vaccines, but in fact, insects, or bee stings, are surprisingly common causes other than food allergies. There are deaths in Japan every year, and some people who are likely to be stung by forestry etc. are prescribed EpiPens (injections that can be struck by them themself when they are shocked) in advance. I’m a little bit attracted because I know such stories.


 If you notice, asinagabachi and kumanbachi flying around me. If you look in front of you, there is a hornet on the street!


We finally got there! 

It is 30 minutes to walk in the heavy rain while being frightened by the bee.

Isuzu 810 Photos

Oh, my God! That’s it!

Isuzu 810 Photos

After all, there was!

Now in 2021, it is ACTIVE ISUZU 810 !!!

The fact is that there is active ISUZU 810 !

No, it’s amazing. I think I can worship the actual thing in 2021.

Isuzu 810 Pictures Sendai 100 262

Without a doubt, it is the Isuzu 810.

Isuzu 810 of special specifications equipped with deep dump and forestry crane. It’s one smaller than the current heavy truck, but it’s still overwhelming when you look close.

And a surprise clearance!

Isuzu 810 Photo Side Sendai 100 262

The driver’s seat is insanely expensive! It’s like Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG or ZETROS !

If you have this clearance, you will be possible to run usually if it is about 1m deep.

In fact, the special 810 seems to be still used by some units of the Ground Self-Defense Force. This is okay even at disaster sites. The strength of the off-road is likely to be inked.


And the nostalgic Isuzu emblem and round headlights

Isuzu 810 Photos Front Isuzu Emblem Round Headlight Pictures

The red mark under the ISUZU emblem is the Isuzu logo. It is a mark that was equipped until about U-10s, but it disappeared before I d know it. It should have been on not only the track, but also the early cubic, journey, and super cruiser handles.

Isuzu 810 Emblem Pictures

I can not say anything because it is a special wear type, but when I look at the round headlamp, I think that it is probably an initial type that is rare among 810. The five characters of ISUZU are also rounded fonts, not the current angular fonts, so there is a high possibility of initial types.

Isuzu 810 Bumper Pictures

The rear is equipped with a forestry crane.

Isuzu 810 Photo Rear Forestry Crane

It’s folded, but it has a seat, so it looks like it’s the type to sit and operate. I guess that there is also a remote control type, but in forestry there seem to be a lot of things to sit and operate.

Isuzu 810 Pictures MARUMA Forestry Crane

I checked it after I got home, but I didn’t know the manufacturer or model. Because it is new compared to the vehicle, it is likely to have been replaced after or near. At the top is “MARUMA”, which seems to be the name of the importing company. This type of crane is mostly made overseas, so I don’t think it’s UNIC or something like that. It is often a manufacturer that does not know.

Sendai number Isuzu 810!

And surprisingly this 810 license plate.

Even though it’s so old, it’s sendai number!

Isuzu 810 Photos Sendai Number Photos Sendai 100 262

I see!

It is not a vehicle that has been there for a long time, but it is likely to have purchased a second-hand somewhere recently. Is it because the crane was installed at that time that the crane was new?

However, sendai number on this track, unbelievable!

It is almost certain to think of it as sendai number oldest track(^o^)/


After seeing the 810, I decided to walk towards Okura Dam.

Scenery toward Kumagane, Definition and Okura Ohashi Bridge

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Okura Ohashi Bridge is currently closed to traffic for repair work.

Kumagane and the Scenery of Definition
Okura Ohashi Bridge closed sign

Instead, there are buses for Okura Ohashi Bridge and Okura Furusato Center. It was pulled out by Hiace of the agency bus on the way.

As I walked, I saw Okura Elementary School, which closed last year.

Okura Elementary School Photos

Okura Elementary School was the only elementary school in the area, but it closed in 2020 as the number of children was low. It seems to be as it is now.

Okura Elementary School Photos

147 years since its founding is amazing!

Okura Elementary School Photos
Thank you 147 years

I think that it is rare to exceed 100 years even in a school that is said to be a traditional school. I guess it was passed down from generation to generation by the local people.

On the way back, I got on from the lakeside park bus stop near Okura Elementary School.

Sendai Municipal Bus Lakeside Park Bus Stop
Sendai Municipal Bus Lakeside Park Bus Stop
Sendai Municipal Bus Lakeside Park Bus Stop


Above, it was a report when I visited the active Isuzu 810 and went to the definition.

The Isuzu 810, which is now active in 2021, should be quite valuable. Even in the Tohoku region, where many relatively old vehicles run, it has rarely been seen.

Moreover, there were only specifications that looked at the initial special body model, Sendai number equipment, forestry crane equipment, and all of them. I was very grateful to see it.

In addition, it seems that the owning company of this vehicle is still used carefully. When you look at it, be careful about safety and don’t be rude ~ ♪




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